Your Digital Brand

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012

Different coloured markers showing domain extensions

I read an interesting article at the weekend about brands and the digital world.  The article brought home the importance of reserving global domain names and social media accounts for brands and companies during the early start-up stage.  You can read the full article here

Until recently, I had not considered reserving domains for other regions and the potential impact on a business if they have been reserved by someone else.  A client approached me wanting assistance with researching export opportunities.  When I looked at possible domain names and found they had already been registered by another company, the potential for export under their existing brand became more problematic.  The have attempted to negotiate the transfer of the domain, without success, and are now having to invest in creating a new brand to achieve their goal for exporting their products.

If you are thinking of starting or have recently started a business, I would strongly advise you to research and reserve domains which may be needed in the future, along with social media accounts, even if they will not be used at the moment.  Taking the time now, may save you and your business time and money in the future.

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